Perfect Wizard Name

Shadow Wizard Money Gang

In the dark underbelly of the city, where no light ever seemed to reach, a shadowy organization called the Shadowhand Syndicate operated. Led by the mysterious wizard known only as Morana the Mystic, the Syndicate dealt in secrets, blackmail, and information laundering. But above all, they dealt in dirty money.

Nature wizards fare well with botanical names. Percival Frostbloom and Elara Starlight feel mystical yet grounded. Thunder and water elements inspire names like Casimir Thunderheart and Aurora Dawnstrider respectively. Darius Mistwood captures Druidic mysteries.

Choosing an antiquated style lends wisdom and experience. Samuel conveys steadiness while Xarann hints at ancient knowledge. Manus and Lux denote classical learning. Rustic variants include Cleats, Gunther, and Strahd. More sophisticated choices are Salvatore, Eidos, and Ziro.