The Best Queen Name

In recent years regal names evoking power prestige have seen a rise in frequency for baby girls. The name Queen itself has soared onto many top name lists. However the term may feel too strong for some parents’ tastes. Alternatives conveying similar notions of high esteem include names like Reign Royal Sovereign.

The Popularity of Queenly Name

Another English name evoking queenship is Victoria. Originally meaning “victory”, Victoria captured characteristics of strength and glory associated with great queens. It was the name of England’s longest-reigning empress and still resonates with authority today. Victoria makes a memorably regal choice with titles equally recognizable worldwide.

Yoruba goddess names like Yemoja, Oshun and Oya exude an elegant mystique. Yemoja means Mother Whose Children are Fish  capturing nurturing qualities of fertility and care fitting any ruler. Oshun radiates charm, while tempestuous Oya suggests cunning strength—both virtues essential for any queen.