Miles V. Brinker stein

For a long time, the name Miles V. Brinkstein” meant something good in the small town of Oakdale. Miles operated a blacksmith shop there for more than 50 years. He was known for his amazing work with metals.  Whether it was horse shoes, beautiful decorations, or farm tools, Miles took pride in his craft. Over the years, his entire first and last name was lost. But “Miles V. Brinkerstein” stayed in people’s minds. As Julia P.

Mrs. H. Prescott Buchanon

For many years, the name Mrs. H. Prescott Buchanan was spoken with great respect throughout the small town of Willow Creek. As the owner of the boarding house, Mrs. Buchanan opened her home to travelers seeking a warm meal and place to rest.  Though her first name is lost, Mrs. Buchanan was dedicated to making all guests feel welcome.

González M. O.

As the town’s beloved storyteller, González would regale young listeners for hours with his vivid accounts of heroes from long ago. Although lost to time are his full given names, the pairing of González M. O. lives on in the memories of all those whose imaginations he stirred. Just as other pairings like Mrs. H. Prescott Buchanan come to represent something more, González M. O. symbolized the power of stories to transport minds to boundless new worlds.