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Cat Names identify individual cats and help bond them with their owners. Choosing a name considers the cat’s look, gender and personality to find the perfect fit. Proper introduction through repetition builds positive associations and trains cats to respond happily to their unique names.

Interesting Facts About Cat Names

Cats can recognize their own names and will often respond to them. Studies show that cats are able to differentiate between their own name and other words or noises. This means choosing the perfect name for your feline friend is important for developing a strong bond. Here are some interesting facts about cat names:

Famous cat names in ancient Egypt included Bastet, Sekhmet, and Ptah. These were names of Egyptian cat goddesses.

Common cat names reflect human names that were popular during different time periods. For example, cats named Mittens, Fluffy or Snowball were more popular in the early-to-mid 20th century.

Popular cat names now include Luna, Bella, Milo, Leo and Loki which reflect current human name trends.

Celebrities like Mariah Carey, Taylor Swift and Leonardo DiCaprio are known to name their cats after themselves or characters they’ve played. Carey’s cats are named Mariah and Money.

Twin cats are often given matching names like Tango and Cash or Thelma and Louise. This helps their owners tell them apart.

Descriptive names related to a cat’s appearance are very common, such as Grey, Calico, Tuxedo or Whitefoot.

Some cats are named after fictional character names like Hermione, Simba, Daenerys or Hobbes.

Bilingual households may choose cat names that work in both languages, like Gris (French for gray) and Luna (Spanish for moon).

With so many great options to consider, here are some top cat names to inspire your choice!

Top cat and kitten names

Leo – Lion

Bella – Beautiful

Lucy – Light

Lily – Lily flower

Max – Greatest

Milo – Soldier

Simba – Lion in Swahili

Ollie – Wealthy guardian

Molly – Bitternut tree

Bailey – Officer

Sadie – Princess

Smokey – Resembling smoke

Cooper – Barrel maker

Oreo – Sandwich cookie

Buddy – Friend

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Top female cat names

Luna – Moon

Bella – Beautiful

Lucy – Light

Lily – Lily flower

Molly – Bitternut tree

Sadie – Princess

Misty – Foggy

Amber – Resin

Chloe – Blooming

Cleo – Glory

Daisy – Daisy flower

Lola – Sorrowful

Maggie – Pearl

Sasha – Defender of mankind

Zoe – Life

Rosie – Rose

Leia – Heavenly

Hazel – Hazelnut tree

Willow – Willow tree

Luna – Moon

Top male cat names

Leo – Lion

Max – Greatest

Milo – Soldier

Oscar – Deer lover

Simba – Lion in Swahili

Ollie – Wealthy guardian

Jack – God is gracious

Finn – Fair

Buddy – Friend

Jax – Gift of God

Oliver – Olive tree

Jake – Supplanter

Loki – Trickster

Simba – Lion in Swahili

Loki – Trickster

Rocky – Dark; rough

Felix – Lucky; happy

Charlie – Freeman

Leo – Lion

Top unisex cat names

Frankie – Brave; fearless

Remy – Oarsman; one who rows

Riley – Rye meadow

Indy – Independent

Scout – Soldier; explorer; pioneer

Quinn – Wisdom; intelligent

Alex – Helper; defender

Logan – Little hollow

Jesse – A gift; God exists

Phoenix – Long-lived; eternal rebirth

Artemis – Greek goddess of the hunt

Parker – Park keeper

Taylor – Tailor; cloth worker

Blake – Pale; swarthy; dark

Drew – Drove way; lane; road

Jamie – Supplanter; usurper

Sasha – Defender of mankind

Remy – Oarsman; one who rows

Top black cat names

Black Cat Names_goodnamesidea

Loki – Trickster

Onyx – Black precious stone

Raven – Black bird

Smokey – Resembling smoke

Shadow – Dark shape or pattern caused by an object casting scarce or no light

Midnight – Time of night

Pepper – Peppery; to sprinkle

Ebony – Dense black wood

Salem – Peace

Pluto – Roman god of the underworld

Binx – Helper

Misty – Foggy

Noir – French term for dark, gloomy, or somber

Jiji – Small black cat in Kiki’s Delivery Service

Soot– Ink-like residue from burnt organic matter

Licorice – Black candies or natural sweet

Onyx – Black precious stone

Pepper – Peppery; to sprinkle

Loki – Trickster

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Top unusual and funny cat names

Meatball – Descriptive name for a chunky cat

Toast – Crunchy name for an orange kitty

Waffles – Sweet name for a curious cat

Pretzel – Funny name for a twisty-bodied feline

Pickles – Silly name for a sour cat

Nugget – Cute name for a small kitten

Dumpling – Descriptive name for a plump cat

Pretzel – Funny name for a twisty-bodied feline

Mooshi – Silly mashup of Moose + Sushi

Pancake – Wacky name for a flat cat

Fudgie – Descriptive name for a brown cat

Cheddar – Cheesy name for an orange kitty

Nacho – Amusing name for a curious cat

Bubblegum – Fun name for a pink-nosed cat

Waffles – Sweet name for a curious cat

Meatball – Descriptive name for a chunky cat

Marshmallow – Fluffy name for a fluffy cat

Muffin – Adorable name for a soft cat

Waffles – Sweet name for a curious cat

100+ Best Cat Names [Male, Female, Siamese & Persian]

Female Cat NamesMale Cat NamesUnisex Cat NamesSiamese Cat Names
Persian Cat NamesAdditional Cat NamesEven More Cat NamesStill More Names
Siamese Cat NamesPersian Cat NamesAdditional Cat NamesEven More Cat Names

Here is a comprehensive list of over 100 of the best cat names including those for males, females, Siamese cats and Persians:

And some funny/unique cat names: Meatball, Toast, Waffles, Pretzel, Pickles, Nugget, Dumpling, Mooshi, Pancake, Fudgie, Cheddar, Nacho, Bubblegum, Marshmallow, Muffin

With this huge list of names spanning all categories, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your new feline family member!

Nick-Names For Cat

Fluff/Fluff Ball – For a cat with extra fluffy fur

Kitty/Kitten – Classic nickname for any cat

Monster – For an especially big or playful cat

Baby/Baby Cat – For a small or young cat

Furball – For a shedding cat that leaves fur everywhere

Sugar/Sweetie – For an affectionate cat

Chicken/Turkey – For a scaredy-cat

Tiger/Lion – For an orange tabby or bold cat

Boots – For a cat with white paws or legs

Cookie/Muffin – For an especially soft and round cat

Potato – For a lazy cat

Waffles/Pancake – For a flat cat lying on its back

Beans – For a energetic and jumpy cat

Scaredy/Jumpy – For a easily startled cat

Little One – For any small or young cat

Peanut – For a tiny kitten

Meatloaf – For a squished cat lying in awkward positions

Bug – For a playful cat that “bugs” their owner for attention

Pumpkin/Pumpkin Spice – For an orange cat in autumn

Buddy/Pal – For a friendly, laidback companion cat

Best Cat Names

Best Cat Names_goodnamesidea

Luna – Feminine and celestial, plus it draws attention to her beautiful lunar face.

Leo – Strong and lionhearted, befitting of a handsome orange tabby boy.

Loki – Sly and clever, ideal for a curious black kitten always getting into mischief.

Milo – Friendly and adventurous, great for an outdoor cat exploring the neighborhood.

Bella – Elegant Italian name for a pretty longhaired white cat.

Charlie – Unisex classic that works for any cat with charm.

Lily – Sweet and delicate like the flower, fitting for a shy, dainty calico.

Ollie – Fun nickname for a bubbly all-black kitten bringing laughter.

Luna – Feminine and celestial, plus it draws attention to her beautiful lunar face.

Smokey – Uncommon but oh-so-fitting for a handsome gray tabby boy.

Molly – Sweet southern belle name for a sociable tortoiseshell girl.

Sammy – Spunky short name ideal for an energetic short-haired tuxedo cat.

Best Female Cat Names

Feminine names suit lady cats well. Here are some top choices when picking the purrfect name for your girl:

Luna – Ethereal and mystical.

Bella – Beautiful and elegant.

Molly – Sweet and cotton candy-esque.

Lily – Dainty and floral.

Daisy – Country cottage charm.

Ruby – Precious gemstone glamor.

Chloe – Stylish Greek charisma.

Willow – Flowering tree name tranquility.

Hazel – Warm nutty name.

Leia – Princess Warrior strength.

Misty – Whimsical and mystical gray.

Zoe – Life of the party vibrancy.

Cleo – Egyptian queen regality.

Lucy – Gentle yet luminous glow.

Sasha – Defender of hearth and home.

Stella – Guiding star serenity.

Emerald – Vibrant green gem beauty.

Jasmine – Exotic floral sophistication.

Luna – Ethereal and mystical.

Best Male Cat Names

For handsome himbo cats, these top boy names are purrfect fits:

Loki – Wily trickster but oh-so-fun.

Milo – Adventure-seeking mate.

Ollie – Friend to everyone he meets.

Jack – Debonair charmer next door.

Max – Always striving to be the maximum.

Salem – Wise as night’s mysteries.

Oliver – Fun yet sophisticated gent.

Oscar – Award-winning personality.

Jax – Ever-eager gift of energy.

Charlie – Classic charisma forever.

Simba – Kingly lionhearted spirit.

Finn – Good-natured gent with style.

Loki – Wily trickster but oh-so-fun.

Dexter – Clever yet cuddly companion.

Sammy – Spunky guy bringing fun.

Charlie – Classic charisma forever.

Best Names for Siamese Cats

Graceful and vocal, Siamese cats deserve names as unique as their appearance. Here are some excellent options:

Siam – Reflecting their homeland.

Soba – Elegant like the thin Japanese noodles.

Sashimi – Fitting for their delicate frames.

Miso – Hinting at their soulfulness.

Wakame – Regal like the sea vegetable.

Nori – Evoking their shiny jet-black fur.

Wasabi – Fiery personality needs a spicy name.

Tofu – Soft yet full of protein substance.

Tabi – Their dual-colored coats look just like Japanese sock styles.

Temari – As balanced on their paws as the Japanese ball game.

Dumpling – Adorable round face deserves this name.

Snowflake – For Siamese with splashes of white.

Calliope – Their singing voices call this name.

Soba – Elegant like thin Japanese noodles.

Siam – Reflecting their homeland.

Most Popular Names for Persian Cats

Fit for royalty, plush-coated Persians deserve opulent names befitting their prestige:

Royal – Overture to their princely status.

Princess – Feminine finery suits lady Persians.

Prince – For handsome himbos bejeweled in fur.

Raja – Kingly title in Hindi.

Pasha – Ottoman emperor appellation.

Sultan – Ruler of the realm swagger.

Maharani – Queenly name in Sanskrit.

Sahara – Vast and lush like their coat.

Calista – Beauty epitome eleganza.

Nefertiti – Egyptian empress majesty.

Diamond – Gleaming jewel worthy.

Ruby – Precious gem regal riches.

Saffron – Expensive spice luxuriance.

Cashmere – Ultra-plush textile opulence.

Royal – Overture to their princely status.

Calista – Beauty epitome eleganza.

Tips for Naming your Cat

Here are some tips when selecting the perfect name for your new feline friend:

Choose something 2-4 syllables – Long or very short names may be harder for them to associate.

Test a few names – Say options aloud to see what fits their look and personality best.

Avoid “human” names ending in “er/or” – They may not realize that’s their name being called.

Pick a unique sound – Help distinguish them from other pets/cats.

Consider their coloring/pattern – Names like “Tux” suit a tuxedo cat.

Draw inspiration from likes/dislikes – A bookworm cat named “Hermione”.

Pick something you’ll enjoy saying – You’ll use it a lot!

Get input from family – A shared name creates bonding.

Test reaction to various names – See which one(s) they respond best to.

Consider the future – Will they suit your cat as a senior?


What is the most popular cat name?

The most popular cat name for many years running is Luna. Other top choices include Bella, Lucy, Lily, and Leo.

When should I name my cat?

Most experts recommend choosing a name for your cat once you’ve had some time to observe their personality, usually within the first 2 weeks of bringing them home.

How many syllables should a cat name be?

Names that are 2-4 syllables generally work best for cats. Long or very short names can sometimes be more difficult for them to distinguish from other sounds.

Should I give my cat a human or cat-specific name?

There is no right or wrong, as both human and cat-centric names work well. However, names ending in “ie/y” sounds or “er/or” consonants may confuse cats as to whether they are being addressed.

How do I get my cat to respond to their new name?

Be patient, use an upbeat tone, and positively reinforce responding to their name with treats, pets or play. Repeat it often when they look at or come to you for the first few weeks.

What are unique names for a cat?

Some unique cat names include Storm, Pepper, Blu, Socks, Nala, Cricket, Pixie, Loki, Echo, Nova, or human names like Sam, Hazel, Parker.

Which name is best for a cat?

When choosing the best name, consider names 2-4 syllables that suit the cat’s personality and look. Popular names like Luna, Leo, Lily or human-like Charlie often suit cats well.

What do I name my kitten?

For a kitten, cute names like Pudding, Cookie, Milo, Luna, orSmoke work well. You can also pick a name related to their color or traits.

What is a good nickname for a cat?

Common nicknames are Fluff/Fluff Ball, Kitty, Monster, Baby, Fur Ball, Sweetie and human names like Buddy or Pal.

Can cats have 2 Different names?

Yes, many cats have both an official name and a nickname. This is common if the full name is longer or more formal.

Is cat a girl’s name?

While sometimes used as a girl name, cat is usually not considered solely a female or male name. It depends on the individual cat’s personality!

What do I call my cat?

Use an upbeat tone and call your cat’s name in a sing-song voice while offering praise or treats. Be calm, consistent and patient as they learn their name.

What is a fancy name for a cat?

More fanciful cat names include Duchess, Princess, Royal, Prince, Saffron, Diamond, Nefertiti, Calico or human names like Lord Byron or Cleopatra.

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