Dwayne Johnson siblings Names And His Bio

Early Life

Dwayne Douglas Johnson, also known as The Rock, was born on May 2, 1972 in Hayward, California. He is the son of Ata Johnson and professional wrestler Rocky Johnson (born Wayde Douglas Bowles). His father, from Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada, is black (of Black Nova Scotian descent), and his mother is of Samoan background (her own father was Peter Fanene Maivia, also a professional wrestler). 

While growing up, Dwayne traveled around a lot with his parents and watched his father perform in the ring. During his high school years, Dwayne began playing football and he soon received a full scholarship from the University of Miami, where he had tremendous success as a football player. In 1995, Dwayne suffered a back injury which cost him a place in the NFL. He then signed a three-year deal with the Canadian League but left after a year to pursue a career in wrestling.

Football Career

After accepting an athletic scholarship to play football at the University of Miami, he was a member of the 1991 national championship team but was largely a backup player. Despite aspirations to professional football, he went undrafted in the 1995 NFL draft, and briefly signed with the Calgary Stampeders before being cut in his first season.

College Career

Johnson attended the University of Miami on an athletic scholarship, where he was a member of the 1991 national championship football team.

Canadian Football League

In 1995, Dwayne signed a three-year deal with the Canadian League but left after a year to pursue a career in wrestling.

Professional Wrestling Career

He made his wrestling debut in the USWA under the name Flex Kavanah where he won the tag team championship with Brett Sawyer. In 1996, Dwayne joined the WWE and became Rocky Maivia where he joined a group known as “The Nation of Domination” and turned heel. Rocky eventually took over leadership of the “Nation” and began taking the persona of The Rock. 

After the “Nation” split, The Rock joined another elite group of wrestlers known as the “Corporation” and began a memorable feud with Steve Austin. Soon the Rock was kicked out of the “Corporation ”. He turned face and became known as “The Peoples Champion”. In 2000, the Rock took time off from WWE to film his appearance in The Mummy Returns (2001). He returned in 2001 during the WCW/ECW invasion where he joined a team of WWE wrestlers at The Scorpion King (2002), a prequel to The Mummy Returns (2001).

Mainstream Crossover

Johnson’s first film role was in The Mummy Returns (2001). The next year, he played his first leading role in the action fantasy film The Scorpion King. He has since starred in numerous films, including the Fast & Furious franchise, Jumanji series, and other action comedies.

Legacy in Professional Wrestling

A 10-time world champion, including the promotion’s first of African-American descent, Johnson is also a two-time Intercontinental Champion, a five-time Tag Team Champion, the 2000 Royal Rumble winner, and WWE’s sixth Triple Crown champion. Johnson headlined the most-bought professional wrestling pay-per-view (WrestleMania XXVIII) and was featured among the most watched episodes of WWE’s flagship television series (Raw and SmackDown).

Acting Career

Johnson has starred in numerous films, including action, comedy, and family genres, becoming one of the world’s highest-grossing and highest-paid actors.


Johnson co-founded the entertainment production company Seven Bucks Productions in 2012.

Business Career

Johnson is a co-owner of the United Football League and a member of the board of directors of TKO Group Holdings, the parent company of UFC and WWE.

Other Work

Johnson produced and starred in the HBO comedy-drama series Ballers (2015–2019) and the autobiographical sitcom Young Rock (2021).

Activism and Philanthropy

Johnson has been involved in various philanthropic activities and activism.

Dwayne Johnson siblings

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Dwayne Johnson has two brothers, Curtis Bowles and Palmira Johnson, and a sister named Wanda Bowles.

Personal Life

Dwayne has a daughter, Simone Alexandra Johnson, born in 2001, with his ex-wife Dany Garcia, and daughters, Jasmine, born in 2015, and Tiana Gia, born in 2018, with his wife, singer and songwriter Lauren Hashian.


Who are Dwayne Johnson’s siblings?
Dwayne Johnson has two brothers named Curtis Bowles and Palmira Johnson, and a sister named Wanda Bowles.

What are the names of Dwayne Johnson’s brothers?
Dwayne Johnson’s brothers are Curtis Bowles and Palmira Johnson.

Who is Dwayne Johnson’s sister?
Dwayne Johnson’s sister is Wanda Bowles.

What is Dwayne Johnson’s full name?
Dwayne Johnson’s full name is Dwayne Douglas Johnson.

What is Dwayne Johnson’s career outside of wrestling?
Outside of wrestling, Dwayne Johnson is a successful actor, businessman, and producer, known for his roles in blockbuster films and various entrepreneurial ventures.

Final Words

Dwayne Johnson comes from a big family with many siblings. Though he is now one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, he remains close with his brothers and sisters. Through all his success, family will always be the most important thing to him.

Dwayne Johnson has two brothers, Curtis Bowles and Palmira Johnson, and a sister named Wanda Bowles.

Having grown up in a household with multiple siblings taught Dwayne the value of family from a young age. That upbringing has no doubt contributed to him being the down to earth superstar he is today. His fans love him not just for his movies but also for how much he clearly loves and supports his siblings.

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