400+ Unique Fish Names

Fish names are intriguing. Each fish has a unique name, like salmon or tuna. From exotic options like mahi-mahi to barramundi, the variety is vast.

Choose names for your own fish .Some names are very simple, like cod or trout. Others are whimsical, such as angelfish or clownfish. Descriptive names like swordfish or pufferfish highlight distinct features.

Whether you’re a fishing enthusiast or curious about the underwater world, fish names spark imagination. Appreciate the diversity beneath the surface and explore the fascinating world of fish names.

Funny Male Fish Names 

Fin DieselSir Swims-a-LotCaptain GillsSushi Samurai
Fishy McFishfaceSir BubblesFlipper the Funny FishFin-tastic Frank
Gilbert the ComedianNemo the JokesterFinley the Fishy FoolWiggles the Wacky Fish
Sir Splash-a-LotSquishy McSquirtFishinsteinFintastic Fred
Bubble ButtSwim ShadyFinny the Funny FishSir Giggles
Bob the ClownfishLarry the Loony FishChuckles the Chubby FishFishy McPunster
Flippy the Fishy JokerScales the Silly FishFinley the Fishy PranksterSir Tickles
Gilly the GigglefishBubblelicious BobWacky WandaFinny McFunnyface
Sir HilariousSnappy the Sarcastic FishChuck the Cheeky FishBubbly Billy
Fishy McLaughlinWiggly the Witty FishSir GuffawFin-tastic Phil
Giggles the GuppySilly SammySpeedy the Silliest FishSir Ribbit
Squiggle the Silly FishFlapjack the Funny FinChubby ChuckWobble the Wacky Fish
Sir SnickerdoodleSlappy the Silly Salmon

I hope these funny fish names bring a smile to your face.

Funny Female Fishes

Dory DivaQueen BubblyWanda the Wacky FishFlippy Flopster
Sassy SwimmerGiggles the GuppyFinessa FunnybonesLady Fins-a-Lot
FizzabelleDazzle the Daring FishBubbles McGigglesCoral the Comedian
Serenity the Silly FishFintastic FelicityPrincess PranksterGilly the Giggler
Skipper the Silliest FishTwinkle ToesWiggles the Witty FishFlapjack Funnyfin
Splashy SusieLulu Laugh-a-LotSparkle the Silly SalmonFizzberry
Fintastic FernSassy SallyFin-tastic FannyDizzy Daphne
Glimmer the Giggly FishBubblicious BellaWobble the Wacky FishChuckles the Cheeky Fish
Serena the Silly SeahorseGiggly GildaScales the Sassy FishFizzles the Funny Fin
Dimples the Delightful FishWanda the Whimsical FishSilly Sally SwimsworthGiggles Galore
Fintastic FionaSassy SueFizzpopWiggly Wilma
Glimmering GabbyBubbly BeatriceDizzy DaisySerendipity the Silly Fish
Fizzy FeliciaWhiskers the Wacky Fish

Clever Fish Pun Names 

Clever fish pun names have gained popularity over the years as a lighthearted and humorous way to name fish. Originating from creative wordplay and witty associations, these names have become a fun trend among fish enthusiasts and those who enjoy playful humor.

Whether used for pet fish or simply as a source of amusement, clever fish pun names add an extra element of entertainment to the world of aquatic companions

Mackerel JacksonLeonardo DiFinsciFin-derellaGilliam Shakespeare
Kanye WestfinGroucho Marx-fishGill GatesFin-tastic Beasts
Gill MurraySir Isaac New-finGilbert GrapeMeryl Streeperch
Funny KravitzGrouper StewartAngelina Jolie-FishSushi Cruise
Guppy LongstockingGill SmithFinny DeppBrad Fin
Grouper SutherlandGrouper CooperJustin TimberfinFinny Cash
Gillian AndersonGuppy HepburnMichael FinleyGrouper Paltrow
Grouper ClooneyHalle FinDavid Hassel-finGilly Wonka
Finny MercurySalmoneo HallTaylor SwishGrouper Fields
Fin DieselGill Nye the Science FryAlbert Fin-steinGrouper Pan
Gill WitherspoonGuppy PotterFin-der the SeaGrouper McCartney
Gilly CrystalFin TravoltaGilmore GirlsGrouper the Rainbow
Finny SinatraGilly Wonka

The Most Popular Names Of Fishes

Popular Fish Names_goodnamesidea
Fish namesBetta namesPunny fish namesHoover (related to a Nerite snail)
Swim ShadyTunakhamenArowana GrandeKenmore (related to a possible future snail name)
Marlin MonroeBarb RuthColdplay
Goby MacRene DescarpCharles Garwin
Susan B. AnchovyWinston Perch-hillAlpha Beta
Charles SharkleyMichael ShoredonGenghis Karp
Nat Kingfish CodArlo GuppieJames Pond

A to Z Names of Fishes

A: AngelfishB: BarracudaC: ClownfishD: Dory (Blue Tang)E: Eel
F: FlounderG: GoldfishH: HalibutI: IcefishJ: Jellyfish
K: KillifishL: LionfishM: MackerelN: Nemo (Clownfish)O: Oscar (Cichlid)
P: PiranhaQ: QueenfishR: Rainbow TroutS: SalmonT: Tuna
U: Unicorn FishV: Vampire FishW: WrasseX: Xenotilapia (Cichlid)Y: Yellowtail
Z: Zebrafish

Fish Pair Of Names

Nemo and DoryBubbles and SqueakyFin and FlipSplash and Ripple
Flash and DashCoral and ReefSushi and SashimiTango and Salsa
Finley and FinleyBubbles and GuppiesNeptune and PoseidonBubblegum and Jellybean
Goldie and SunshineMarlin and NemoFlounder and SebastianGlimmer and Sparkle
Breezy and ZephyrScales and FinsShimmer and ShineCaptain and Sailor
Coraline and NauticalBubble and TroubleAqua and MarineSplash and Sprinkle
Coral and SeashellShrimp and LobsterSplash and SplatterAqua and Azure
Surf and TurfSeaweed and SeashellPearl and CoralBubbles and Breezy
Flippy and FloppySandy and PebblesFinley and FintasticCoral and Anemone
Splash and WaveGoldie and GlimmerBubbles and BlubberSplash and Swimmy
Finley and FinneganCoral and CoveSushi and SashimiBreezy and Briny
Flippy and FlutterSplash and SpoutCoral and ReefTropic and Aqua
Flicker and GliderBubbles and Glimmer

Angle Fishes


Oscar Fish


Molly Fish 


Names Of Gold Fish

Gold Fishes names_goodnamesidea

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I name my fish any name I want?

Yes, you can choose any name that resonates with you and reflects your fish’s personality or appearance.

How do I come up with creative fish names?

You can get creative by considering your fish’s color, patterns, behavior, or even drawing inspiration from mythology, nature, or popular culture.

Should I choose a name based on my fish’s species?

It’s entirely up to you! Some people like to choose names that relate to the fish’s species, while others prefer unique or unrelated names that they find fitting.

Can I change my fish’s name?

Fish are not aware of their names, so you can change it anytime you like to better suit your preferences or if you find a name that feels more suitable.


Fish names play a delightful role in our connection with these aquatic companions. Naming our fish allows us to create a personal bond and express our care and affection. Whether it’s a whimsical name or one that reflects their appearance, fish names add a touch of personality to these underwater friends.

Fish names hold a special significance .They serve as a means of identification and enable us to share stories and memories with others. By choosing unique and meaningful names for our fish, we enhance the joy and wonder of having them as companions, fostering a deeper appreciation for the beauty and diversity of the underwater world.

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