How To Change Your Name On Facebook?

How do I update my name or username?

Log in to the account or service where you need to change your name/username. This could be social media profiles, email, gaming services, messaging apps, etc.

Look for the Profile Settings or Account section by clicking on your icon/avatar in the top menu bar.

Once in your profile or account settings page, search for an option called “Edit profile” or something similar.

You should see fields to edit your display name, username, or both. Some platforms separate them while others combine them.

Input your new preferred name or username. Make sure it follows any character or length limits for that service.

Click Save or Update to finalize the changes.

In some cases, you may need to verify the change with a code sent to your email or phone number associated with the account.

Your new name should now appear on your profile and be visible to others. It may take some time to fully propagate everywhere.

Here the Quick steps to change your name on Facebook

1st Step Click Here

change your name on

2nd Step Click Here on setting & privacy

3rd Step Click Here on setting

4th Step

5th Step Chose the name which want to change


6th Step Enter First name ,Middle name and Surname


7th Step pressing the Review Change button.

8th Step Now Save Changes


Short Tricks in Written

Review our name standards.
Tap in the top right of Facebook.
Scroll down and tap Settings & privacy, then tap Settings.
Tap Accounts Center.
Tap Profiles, then tap your account.
Tap Name.
Enter your name and tap Review change.
Tap Save changes.

What is Facebook’s name change policy?

You can change the name displayed on your Facebook profile as long as it matches the name on your government-issued ID or documents.

To initiate a name change, edit your profile by clicking on your name and entering your new name in the designated field.

Facebook will review name changes to verify they match information from a photo of your ID or uploaded identity documents. This review typically takes a few hours but may extend to a few days.

Your display name must be your authentic, legal name – no nicknames, aliases, initials or variants from your official identification are allowed.

Names with unusual punctuation marks or spacing are also prohibited as they undermine Facebook’s real name policies.

Friends connected to your profile will receive notifications about any name changes you make.

Name changes cannot be used solely for privacy or security reasons – there needs to be an actual legal event prompting the update.

Repeatedly attempting to use non-legal names risks having your Facebook account disabled for violating community standards.

How to use a nickname on Facebook

To add a nickname on Facebook, go to your profile. Click on your name and click “Edit Profile.” You can then enter a nickname you want to use.

The nickname will be optional for your friends to see. It will appear next to your full name throughout Facebook. You can change your nickname at any time by repeating the same process.

Facebook allows users to customize their profiles further with nicknames. These can be fun, casual ways for friends to address you. However, your legal name is still used for your profile URL and must match your ID for verification purposes. Nicknames help personalize your experiences without impacting Facebook’s real name policies.

Things To Avoid During Name Change

Do not use initials or aliases instead of your real name. Facebook requires your legal name matches ID. Avoid unusual formatting with names, like extra spaces. Follow name change policies carefully.

How do you handle name changes on Facebook for legal reasons like marriage or divorce?

If you get married and change your legal name, you can update your Facebook name. Provide your marriage certificate during Facebook’s review for verification.

In a divorce, if reverting to a prior legal name, show identification with your new legal name when changing your Facebook name. Facebook requires names match ID for authenticity and privacy.

Facebook allows name changes for important life events like these. But you must prove the change is legitimate by providing documents during review. This confirms your identity and ensures your profile displays your most current real name.

What is the verification process for name change on Facebook?

When changing your name, Facebook will require verification. They may ask you to upload an ID or take a selfie matching your new name. This confirms the change aligns with your legal identity documents.

How do you change your Facebook page name?

To alter the name of your Facebook page, login and go to your page’s settings. Select the menu item labeled Page name or Page Info depending on your page type. From there, press the blue “Edit” button located next to your current name. Type your new preferred name into the text field provided, keeping it relevant to your business or brand. Then click “Update” to complete the renaming process.

Your page name change will need administrator approval before being live. Once submitted, a page admin will receive a notification to review and accept the alteration. In most cases, approval happens promptly but can take up to one business day. Your followers will then see the update on your page info and throughout Facebook. Be sure the new name accurately represents your page going forward and still aligns with your organization.

Why can’t you change your Facebook page name?

If your page name was previously denied, Facebook may block changes for a period to prevent frequent edits. You must ensure the new name fits guidelines.

Certain types of page names are restricted like using another business’ brand or trademarked terms. Names with inappropriate or misleading content may be rejected by Facebook.

Choosing a name carefully at creation helps ensure no future issues. Reviewing Facebook’s policies before editing avoids wasting time on blocked changes. With a suitable name initially and patience during reviews, page renaming stays allowed.

How do you change your Facebook name link?

To change the URL of your Facebook profile, go to your profile page and click on your name. Select Update Public Details.

Here you can edit your name displayed and also change your profile URL. Type the new web address and click “Review Changes”. The alteration requires review.

The updated link name helps customize your profile URL address on Facebook. Keep it straightforward using your real name to avoid issues.

Once reviewed, the new link takes effect right away. Share it to fully transition networked connections to your profile’s new personalized web location.

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