Baby Names for Spooky Season

Baby Names for Spooky Season refers to name options inspired by Halloween, autumn, and spookiness. Names featured in books, films, and shows about Halloween provide inspiration. Historical or literary figures connected to haunting elements also influence name choices evoking fall’s festive fright.

From familiar monster monikers to obscure folklore references, names honor harvest season roots or curious horror characters. Plant, color, and number names evoking Halloween as well as places tied to tales of terror offer seasonally suitable selections. Whether playful or serious, overtly eerie or subtle, names celebrate one of autumn’s most enjoyed occasions.

Unique Baby Names for Spooky Season

Autumn names like Hazel, Sage or Auburn bring the colors and feelings of the season. You could also honor specific autumn fruits with names like Clementine or Persimmon.

Crystal ball names like Sienna, Clair or Mystic have an air of mysticism. Other mystical options are spell-like names like Ember, Essence or Echo.

Literary characters from spooky stories offer something different. How about names of witches like Baba Yaga, Morgana or Mephistopheles?

Celebrity inspired names from spooky movies/TV could work like Elvira, Lydia or Wednesday. Tim Burton fans may like names of characters from Beetlejuice or Nightmare Before Christmas.

Nature names that have a haunting vibe like Willow, Ivy, Aspen or Sage have an earthy supernatural feel. Moon or Star names like Selene, Luna or Cometa are ethereal.

Color names in hues of Halloween like Scarlett, Amaranth, Ebony or Crimson have a darker drama. Gemstone names like Opal, Onyx or Amethyst add mystical flair.

Unusual place names from folklore could work, like names of places said to be haunted like Ballyglen, Annwyn or Whitby.


If you’re looking for baby names that celebrate the spooky yet suave vampires of folklore and popular culture, look no further. These monikers have just the right amount of mystique.

For boys, classic vampire names like Dracula or Vlad are strong choices. You can also pay homage to Bram Stoker’s iconic vampire novel Dracula with names like Bram or Renfield.

For girls, the alluring Mina would be a nod to Mina Murray, Dracula’s victim-turned-vampire slayer in the novel. Other feminine names with vampire vibes include Crimson, Scarlett or Ruby – colors often associated with the seductive creatures of the night.

Modern surnames of vampire characters can also work well as first names. Think names portrayed in shows like True Blood or movies like Underworld. Winter, for example, references the vampire character in American Horror Story.

Of course, classic Romanian or Eastern European names like Adrian, Dmitri or Irina add cultural context without directly screaming “vampire.” More names with dark yet romantic associations are always a safe bet if you want your little one to feel frightfully fabulous all year round.

The Addams Family

If you’re looking for spooky seasonal names that are weirdly wonderful, look no further than the Addams family. Their names perfectly capture that delightful dark aesthetic.

Gomez and Morticia are total goals – exotic, mysterious, alluring. You just can’t get more stylishly strange. And their kids – Wednesday is such a vibe. Unique but not totally out there. Her brother Pugsley is an adorable oddball name.

I’ve always loved Uncle Fester too. He’s such a fun, eccentric character. And Grandmamma, so charmingly creepy. I could totally see either of those becoming big again.

Cousin Itt is super playful, with loads of nickname potential. And even the help get in on the action – Lurch is dignified yet eerie, and Thing is perfection for capturing that quirky spirit.

Whether you’re fully leaning into the gothic or just want a name with an enjoyably odd flair, the Addamses have you covered. Their choices are endlessly inventive yet feel nostalgically cool. Definitely worth a scare-ious look if you want your little one’s name to be nothing less than fantastically frightening!

Books, Poetry, Movies, & TV

Literary giants like Edgar Allan Poe and H.P. Lovecraft virtually defined Gothic fiction and horror, so it makes sense to honor them with names like Edgar and Howard. You can’t get much more iconic for horror without venturing into Dracula territory.

For books with a slightly lighter touch of spook, what about naming babies after beloved characters like Matilda, from the children’s novel by Roald Dahl? Or another witchy name like Hermione for the Harry Potter connection.

Vampire slayer Buffy Summers and her powerful friends made vampires cool for a generation, so Willow, Xander or even Rupert could lend some supernatural charm. Moving to TV shows like Sabrina the Teenage Witch opens up names like Sabrina, Salem or Harvey.

If movies are more your thing, honor classics like The Nightmare Before Christmas with names like Jack, Sally or Oogie. Or psychological thrillers like Sweeney Todd with the hero name Benjamin or heroine Johanna.

For a more modern media choice, names from Stranger Things like Eleven, Mike or Dustin have an endearingly eerie quality. Or haunting fantasy names from productions like Crimson Peak work too.

Puritan Virtues


Puritan settlers in early America placed high value on moral virtues and principled living. Some of those revered values make for fittingly austere yet spooky seasonal names.

Names highlighting virtues like temperance, modesty, humility or diligence have a stern and serene appeal. Temperance, Chastity and Prudence were common Puritan names that still feel appropriately eerie.

Other virtue names like Honor, Fortune, Grave or Wisdom underscore the somber tone Puritans embraced. Graves and Wisdom in particular have a spooky autumnal moodiness to them.

Biblical virtue names John, Joseph, Sarah and Hope also align with Puritan influences while maintaining usability today. They honor morality but avoid feeling overly old-fashioned.

If you want a name hinting at Puritan practices without being overt, Sabbath or Covenant capture the pious spirit in a less obvious way. Praise and Providence similarly suggest reverence for God without shouting Puritan.


Embrace the changing seasons with names like Autumn or Fallon. Autumn Brisa has a lovely ring. Going international, you have options like Italian Samhain or Spanish Tres, which means three like the seasons.

Star names like Luna, Selene or Nova are ethereal without being overly spacey. Mythological figures Hecate, Persephone and Circe capture a sense of magic.

Nature names fit too – think Willow, Ivy, Hazel or Sage. You could honor witchy botanicals with names like Luna (moonflower), Belladonna or Amara (bittersweet).

Colors make creative choices, especially jewel tones associated with Halloween – Scarlett, Crimson, Ruby, Violet. Or try Maroon, Ebony or Obsidian for a darker romantic vibe.

Unusual place names could be fun – like October (city in Romania), Salem or Transylvania. Or honor the occult with names meaning “dark” in Gaelic, like Dubh or Cian.

Numbers fit the mysterious theme – think October or September or other months. Tres or Clover for that triple goddess energy.

The possibilities are endless when you think outside traditional boxes. These miscellaneous monikers bring intrigue all year round.

104 Halloween Baby Names That Are Spooky And Sweet

Halloween Baby
HarvestBatsRubyBoo BooWillow
DraculaLunaBoo BooSabrinaSarah

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Spooky Names  alphabetically

ArachnaSpider Woman
BansheeScreaming Spirit
BarnabasFirst name of vampire from TV show “Dark Shadows”
BeelzebubAnother name for Devil
BetelgeuseScary spirit – don’t say it 3 times!
BlairFrom the movie The Blair Witch Project
Bloody MaryGhost Legend
BlackbeardPirate Ghost
BorisLegendary horror movie actor, Boris Karloff
BooExclamation of Scare
BuffyVampire Slayer
CarrieStephen King’s Telekinetic Teen
CasperA Friendly Ghost
ChaosExtremely Disorganized
CrimsonThe color of blood
CruellaCruella DeVil, villain from Disney’s “101 Dalmations”
DamienBoy from the movie “The Omen”
DarthVillains Vader & Maul from “Star Wars”
DesdemonaOf the Devil
DraculaVampire from novel and movie of same name
DrusillaFrom “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”
ElviraMistress of the Dark
EndoraMother-in-Law witch from TV show, “Bewitched”
FangLong Tooth
FesterUncle from TV show and movie, “The Addams Family”
FrankensteinDoctor who created a monster from a book & movie of same name. Often associated with the monster, himself!
Freddie KruegerVillain from the movie, “Nightmare on Elm Street”
GomezFather from TV show/movie “The Addams Family”
Ghidora3-headed Monster
GinnungagapNorse Mythology
Hannibal LecterSerial killer from the novel/movie, “Silence of the Lambs”
HecateWitch from Shakespeare’s MacBeth
HermanMonster dad from TV’s “The Munsters”
HildaWitchy Name
HulkScary Superhero
IchabodIchabod Crane, character from novel “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”
IgorFaithful hump-backed assistant
ItClown in Stephen King’s novel of the same name; hairy cousin character in TV/movie’s “The Addams Family”
LestatAnne Rice’s fictional vampire
LillyVampire mother from TV’s “The Munsters”
LurchButler from TV’s “The Addams Family”
MaleficentEvil Godmother in Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty.” She is the self-proclaimed “Mistress of all Evil.”
MerlinCamelot Sorcerer
Midnight12:00 a.m.
MistyOut of the Mist
MorticiaMother from TV/movie “The Addams Family”
NebulaDark Mist
Norman BatesHotelier in Alfred Hitchcock’s movie, “Psycho”
NosferatuFamous Vampire
NyxOf The Night
PoeEdgar Allan Poe, famous horror/suspense author
PugsleySon from TV/movie “The Addams Family”
QuasimodoName of The Hunchback of Notre Dame
RasputinRussian Sorcerer
RavenEdgar Allan Poe’s Famous Poem
ReaperVery Grim Visitor
ReganPossessed child character from the movie, “The Exorcist”
RipperSerial killer Jack’s Nickname
RosemaryHad a Devil Baby
SabrinaThe Teenage Witch
SalemSabrina’s Witchy Black Cat
SamanthaWitch wife from the TV show, “Bewitched”
SamaraFrom the movie, “The Ring”
ScarfaceAl Capone’s Nickname
ShadowPet Name
SkullHead Bone
SpikeFrom “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”
SvenghouliHorror Show Host
TabithaChild from TV show, “Bewitched”
ThingDisembodied hand from TV/movie “The Addams Family”
VooDooBewitching Magic
VladThe Impaler
VoldemortScary character from “Harry Potter”
WednesdayDaughter from TV/movie, “The Addams Family”
WolverineScary wolf-man from comic/movie “X-Men”
ZeldaWitchy aunt from
ZombieLiving Dead
ZorakPraying Mantis from

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Halloween name?

Some top Halloween name options are Halloween, Autumn, October, Shadow, Luna, Salem, Prue, or names related to vampires, witches or horror characters.

What are some scary names for characters?

Creepy character name ideas include names like Morticia, Wednesday, Damien, Dracula, Pennywise, Norman, Freddy, Jason, Ghostface, Regan, Leatherface, Chucky.

What is a horror name for a girl?

Scary name options for a horror-themed girl character could include Evie, Gwen, Bride, Elvira, Sadie, Liv, Ruby, Raven, Bloody, Rebecca, Carrie, Nancy.

What is a witchy name for a girl?

Witch-inspired name ideas for a girl include names like Hazel, Willow, Selene, Luna, Circe, Morgana, Nimue, Rowan, Ember, Salem, Ophelia, Helena, Sabrina, Dolores, Esme, Lilith, Belladonna.


Whether honoring beloved monsters or embracing eerie vibes, there are many name options to conjure Halloween spirit all year long. Gothic gems from classic horror to contemporary hits offer inspiration. Consider names highlighting nature, folklore or just plain peculiar for baby’s spooktacular persona. With so much creepy and cool to choose from, finding the perfect frightful fit is simple.

From Addams Family absurdity to literary legends, or Puritan piety to mystical miscellany, Halloween’s history and lore brim with name notions. Picking a pick that piques fright but retains charm need not be frightful. Peruse these creepy concepts to select a singular selection sure to startle or merely savor spooky season in spirit.

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