200+Unique Monkey Names

The names of capuchin monkeys often reference their playful, inquisitive nature like Jojo or Curious George.

Spider monkey names pay homage to their long limbs and ability to swing through trees swiftly, such as Branch or Willow.

Orangutan names frequently draw from their highly intelligent reputation, like Einstein or Professor.

Gibbon names celebrate their athleticism and agility seen in their brachiation locomotion, such as Swinger or Leaper.

Interesting Things About Monkeys

It was a sunny afternoon in the jungle. The monkey troops were busy foraging for food in the treetops. Mango, a young monkey, was climbing from branch to branch looking for ripe fruits and berries.

Suddenly, Mango heard a rustling sound coming from below. He peered through the leaves and noticed a group of wild boars snuffling through the undergrowth. Mango knew he had to warn the others.

He scampered to the top of the tall oak tree and let out a loud, screeching alarm call. The other monkeys stopped what they were doing and looked towards Mango. He gestured frantically towards the boars.

The monkeys understood the danger and began scrambling higher into the trees. A few of the little monkey babies clung tightly to their mothers. The boars continued making their way closer, rooting through the foliage.

Just then, the alpha male monkey let out a roar to get the boars’ attention. He began hurling nuts and pinecones down at the intruders. The boars, startled, turned and fled back into the jungle.

The monkey troops cheered and hooted for their brave leader. Thanks to Mango’s warning and the alpha’s bravery, they were safe once more. Mango felt proud to have helped protect his family and community. It was another day’s work well done in the treetops of the jungle.

Cute Monkey Names

Peanut – A classic monkey name referencing their small size.

Banana – Great for a monkey who loves this yellow fruit.

Chester – A quintessential silly monkey name.

Cocoa – For a sweet brown-furred monkey.

Mocha – Similar to Cocoa but has that coffeehouse vibe.

Buttons – References their cute little black noses.

Oreo – For a monkey with contrasting black and white coloring.

Twix – Another sweet treat name like Butterfinger.

Darwin – In honor of Charles Darwin and evolution theory.

Tinker – Suggests their curious nature and joy of problem solving.

Simian – Directly references their scientific classification.

Monkey – Simple and straightforward for the little primate.

Curious – Captures their inquisitive and adventurous spirit.

Coconut – Tropical fruit fitting for tropical forest dwellers.

Fuzzy – Describes their soft coats perfectly.

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Monkey Scientific Name

Macaca mulatta – The Rhesus Macaque. One of the most widespread monkey species found from India to China.

Cebus capucinus – The White-Faced Capuchin. Known for its problem-solving skills and tool use. Native to Central and South America.

Papio anubis – The Olive Baboon. Large, ground-dwelling baboons found in eastern and southern Africa. Have distinctive dog-like faces.

Ateles geoffroyi – The Black-Handed Spider Monkey. Acrobatic monkeys of Central and South America with prehensile tails.

Sapajus apella – The Tufted Capuchin. Small monkeys of Central and South America that live in large social groups.

Colobus Guereza – The Mantled Guereza. Arboreal African colobus monkeys with longish fur and distinctive fringed manes.

Saimiri sciureus – The Common Squirrel Monkey. Small New World monkeys with large eyes and mostly reddish-brown fur.

Cercopithecus neglectus – The De Brazza’s Monkey. Arboreal guenons of Central Africa with fur-lined pouches in their mouths.

Ateles belzebuth – The Red-Faced Spider Monkey. Large spider monkey of tropical Central and South America with a black coat and red face.

Erythrocebus patas – The Patas Monkey. Cursorial monkeys of sub-Saharan Africa are distinguished by reddish fur and long limbs.

Funny Monkey Names

Goofball – For the class clown of the troop.

Shenanigan – Perfect for a mischievous monkey always getting into trouble.

Monkey – A silly variation on “monkey” with a playful connotation.

Bananas – Because what’s funnier than a monkey who’s bananas?

Japes – Short for “japes and capers,” it hints at hijinks.

Mischief – Captures the spirit of monkey misbehavior.

Trouble – You just know this one is living up to its name!

Prankster – For the resident jokester always playing tricks.

Comedian – The funny monkey who keeps the others entertained.

Joker – The trickster with a smile and wild sense of humor.

Antics – Perfect for the monkey whose antics amuse its peers.

Monkeyshines – An old word for monkey antics or foolish behavior.

Foofer – A silly made-up name with a humorous ring.

Crackerjack – Calls to mind circus performances and high jinks.

Merry – For the happy-go-lucky monkey always in good spirits.

Funny Monkey Names Boy

Funny Monkey Names Boy_goodnamesidea

Goofball George – The class clown always joking around.

Mischief Michael – Up to no good but makes everyone laugh.

Shenanigan Sam A mischievous little troublemaker.

Prankster Pete – Playing jokes and pulling pranks is his specialty.

Monkeyshines Marcel – Up to all sorts of ridiculous antics.

Japes Jacob – Always getting into hijinks and silly situations.

Comedian Charlie – The funniest monkey in the troop.

Trouble Truman – You just know this one lives up to his name!

Joker Josh – Always has a smile and a trick or two up his sleeve.

Merry Mason – The happy-go-lucky boy who keeps spirits high.

Antics Andy – His silly antics amuse the whole community.

Monkey Maurice – A playful twist on “monkey” with an amusing vibe.

Crackerjack Cooper – Energetic, entertaining, and full of surprises.

Foofer Freddie – A goofy made-up name fit for a class clown.

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Funny Monkey Names Girl

Mischief Melissa – Always stirring up some type of trouble!

Comedian Claire – The hilarious female who makes everyone laugh.

Prankster Penny – Loves playing tricks on the other monkeys.

Japes Josephine – Into jokes and silly capers of all kinds.

Shenanigan Sally – Sure to find mischief wherever she goes.

Merry Molly – The cheerful girl with a funny sense of humor.

Monkeyshines Marie – Up to amusing antics rather than misbehavior.

Trouble Trisha – A handful but everyone adores her.

Monkey Matilda – Goes by Mattie for short, with a funny twist.

Joker Jenna – Smiling and playing tricks with jokes galore.

Antics Annie – Keeps the community laughing with her antics.

Goofball Grace – The class clown with a heart of gold.

Crackerjack Carly – Energetic, lively, and always keeps things lively.

Foofer Francine – Silly, carefree spirit with a made-up name.

Bananas Barbara– What’s funnier than a banana-loving monkey gal?

Dirty Monkey Names

Mucky – A playful monkey who loves getting into the dirt.

Grimy – Known for always having a layer of grime on his fur.

Filth – A cheeky monkey who revels in dirt and mess.

Sooty – Always covered in a layer of soot and ash.

Mudslide – Enjoys sliding through mud and getting dirty.

Grub – Loves digging in the dirt for grubs and insects.

Gunk – Often covered in sticky, dirty gunk.

Sludge – Thrives in the thickest, messiest environments.

Stain – His fur is always stained from various adventures.

Dusty – Kicks up dust wherever he goes.

Crud – Always seems to have crud in his fur.

Mire – Enjoys wallowing in muddy, marshy areas.

Rubbish – Often found playing in trash and rubbish.

Scummy – Loves the scummy layer on top of dirty water.

Foul – Known for his love of all things foul and dirty.

Grimey – Always seems to have a layer of grime on his fur.

Muckster – A master of creating and playing in muck.

Stinky – Has a distinct, dirty smell.

Sloppy – Known for being messy and unkempt.

Filthy – Revels in being as filthy as possible.

Grease – Often covered in grease and oil.

Gritty – Has a gritty texture to his fur from dirt.

Swampy – Loves the swamp and getting covered in muck.

Murky – Enjoys the murky, muddy waters.

Dustbin – Always rummaging through dustbins for fun.

Baby Monkey Names

Baby Monkey Names_goodnamesidea

Coco – Little one who loves coconuts.

Peanut – Tiny and cute, like a peanut.

Banjo – Always cheerful and musical.

Pip – Small and full of energy.

Mimi – Adorable and affectionate baby monkey.

Nibbles – Loves to nibble on fruits and snacks.

Chippy – Full of playful energy.

Bubbles – Always bubbling with joy and fun.

Toto – Little and curious, always exploring.

Zippy – Quick and lively baby monkey.

Pico – Tiny and charming.

Bitsy – Small and endearing.

Wiggles – Always moving and wiggling around.

Frodo – Adventurous and brave.

Tinker – Loves to play and tinker with things.

Rascal – Mischievous and playful.

Sprout – Growing and full of life.

Gizmo – Curious and fascinated by gadgets.

Bingo – Always winning hearts with cuteness.

Snickers – Full of giggles and laughter.

Bunny – Soft and cuddly like a bunny.

Scooter – Always scooting around playfully.

Twiggy – Small and slender.

Wiggy – Full of wiggles and fun.

Sunny – Brings sunshine and happiness.

Noodle – Silly and playful.

Pudding – Sweet and soft.

Mochi – Soft and squishy, like the treat.

Peaches – Sweet and loveable.

Cuddles – Loves to cuddle and be close.

Pixie – Small and magical.

Pebbles – Tiny and adorable.

Chirpy – Always chirping happily.

Sprinkles – Adds joy and fun everywhere.

Whiskers – Tiny with noticeable whiskers.

Monkey Types

Old World monkeys – Found in Africa and Asia, these include baboons, macaques and mangabeys. They tend to have dog-like snouts and tails. Examples are olive baboons and rhesus macaques.

New World monkeys – Native to Central and South America, these have prehensile tails used for grasping. Major groups are capuchins, squirrel monkeys, spider monkeys and wooly monkeys. Examples are white-faced capuchins and black-handed spider monkeys.

Langurs – Distinctive Asian group that includes the gray langur and golden langur. Characterized by long tails and distinctive color patterns.

Colobus monkeys – Arboreal African monkeys with long, dense fur and distinctive coloration. Include guerezas and black-and-white colobus.

Snub-nosed monkeys – Rare Asian group including the gaoteng, proboscis and hunch-nosed monkey. Have short tails and some have unusual noses.

Howler monkeys – Loudly vocalizing Neotropical monkeys with thick coats. Include red howler and brown howler monkey.

Tamarins – Small New World monkeys ranging from northern South America to southern Central America. Include Geoffroy’s tamarin and golden lion tamarin.

Doucs and snub-nosed langurs – Rare Asian colobine monkeys with dog-like faces and often colorful coats. Includes red-shanked douc.

Pet Names for Monkeys

Dexter – Implies skillful and clever, fits their problem-solving abilities.

Bones – Reference to their small bone structure or it can mean funny/silly.

Scout – Suggests an adventurous explorer, scoping out surroundings.

Jumper – Appropriate for arboreal species known for leaping between trees.

Tumblr – Perfect for the clumsy but lovable monkey always tumbling about.

Coconut Reflects their tropical origins and taste for the fruit.

Honey – Like their sweet dispositions and tendency to groom like little apes.

Bandana – Relates to their naked orange or blue facial patches.

Shadow – For the shy little monkey always following its owner closely.

Tinker – Fits their inquisitive, investigative selves, always tinkering.

Mischief – Often an accurate descriptor of their mischievous antics.

Chester – Classic, playful name invoking images of little troublemakers.

Frizzle – Suggests an energetic, lively monkey with wild or curly fur.

Comet – Swift and speedy name for an agile little leaper.


Girl Monkey Names

Mia – Form of “mine” which works for a petite monkey companion.

Coco – Short for coconut, references their tropical roots.

Sasha – Means defender, fitting for a little furry protector.

Bubbles – Suggests a lively, joyful primate always getting into trouble.

Molly – Means star of the sea, befitting an adventurous gal.

Tinker – Perfect for an inquisitive female always tinkering and exploring.

Maggie – Means pearl, delicate name for an elegant small monkey.

Simian – Direct reference to their classification as non-human primates.

Nova – Starry name for an energetic little ape always making her mark.

Luna – Meaning moon, befitting a lovely nocturnal or mysterious gal.

Zoey – Means life, suiting a vivacious monkey full of life and spirit.

Harley – Motorcycle reference for a fast and untamed nature girl.

Penny – For her coppery coat or implies her worth as a treasured pet.

Coco – Short for coconut, references their tropical roots.

Belle – Fitting for a pretty, dainty and often adored small female.

Boy Monkey Names

Leo – Means lion, strong name for a little adventure-seeking king.

Max – Short for maximum, he gives his all in play and mischief.

Charlie – Means free man, fits their wild and spirited nature.

Milo – Means soldier, brave name for protecting his troop.

Dexter – Implies clever and skillful, like their puzzle-solving skills.

Oscar – Means deer lover, befitting a lively little jungle boy.

Simian – Direct reference to their primate scientific classification.

Bobo – Means pearl, harmless name for a mischievous youngster.

Monty – Short for monkey, simple and straightforward.

Rocky – Suggests resilient and tough, can handle the treetops.

Zeke – Means God strengthens, fitting for a strong little acrobat.

Jumper – Perfect for an agile boy always leaping between trees.

Scout – Adventurous explorer always scouting out new surroundings.

Lucky – Hopefully lives up to his name with his antics!

Miles – Means merciful, kindhearted and playful little guy.

Good Monkey Names

Hero – Means “brave protector”, fitting for an honorable troop member.

Angel – Suggests kindness, grace, and benevolence towards others.

Hope – Represents optimism and positivity, a sunny disposition.

Joy – Captures the fun-loving nature and ability to brighten days.

Lucky – With some good fortune despite mischievous tendencies.

Grace – Connotes elegance, dignity and gentle social skills.

Love – Fitting for an affectionate, caring monkey with lots of heart.

Peace – Calm, serene temperament who diffuses tension.

Faith – Trusting, loyal to friends, and belief in community bonds.

Promise – Hints at potential, growth, and commitment to improvement.

Care – A nurturing soul who looks out for others in need.

Kind – Benevolent, considerate, and displays compassion.

Beauty – Inside and out, elegant with a gracious soul.

Pride – Takes pride in accomplishments to better the group.

Hope – Optimistic, positive, and brings cheer to brighten days

Naughty Names for Monkeys

Trouble – Always causing mischief.

Rascal – A playful troublemaker.

Mischief – Constantly getting into things.

Nibbler – Loves to nibble on everything, especially things he shouldn’t.

Snatcher – Always snatching things away.

Cheeky – Bold and playful with a hint of naughtiness.

Bandit – Steals things and hides them.

Scooter – Quick and always on the move, causing chaos.

Punk – Full of rebellious energy.

Rowdy – Always loud and causing a ruckus.

Jester – Loves to play pranks.

Scamp – A little rascal who’s always up to no good.

Prankster – Constantly playing tricks.

Snappy – Quick to grab and snap things.

Thief – Always stealing food and toys.

Gremlin – Small and mischievous.

Sly – Clever and sneaky.

Ruckus – Always causing a commotion.

Chuckle – Laughs at his own naughty deeds.

Nipper – Bites playfully and sometimes not so playfully.

Spunky – Full of energy and mischief.

Wild – Can’t be tamed.

Whisk – Quick and always whisking things away.

Naughty – Simply put, very naughty.

Rowdy – Full of rambunctious energy.

Rogue – Goes his own way, often causing trouble.

Rebel – Doesn’t follow the rules.

Imp – Small but full of tricks.

Jinx – Brings playful bad luck wherever he goes.

Sneaky – Always sneaking around and causing trouble.

Mugger – Playfully takes things from others.

Whirlwind – Leaves chaos in his wake.

Scrappy – Likes to get into fights.

Havoc – Creates disorder wherever he goes.

Racket – Always making noise and causing a disturbance.

Famous Monkeys and Their Names

Caesar – The character from Planet of the Apes who speaks and leads the apes. Caesar means royal or king.

Curious George – The beloved children’s book character. Curious refers to his inquisitive nature.

Cheetah – Tarzan’s pet monkey sidekick in the films and books. Cheetah means hunting leopard which fits his speed.

Abu – Aladdin’s happy-go-lucky pet monkey in the Disney film. Abu is Arabic for father.

Marcel – The Capuchin monkey who played Marcel in Friends. Marcel means small warrior.

Travis – The orangutan from Disney’s The Jungle Book movies. Travis doesn’t have a confirmed meaning but implies a rebel.

Boo Boo – Yogi Bear’s best friend sidekick from the cartoon show. Boo Boo doesn’t have an official meaning but sounds cute.

Darwin – The capuchin monkey from Night at the Museum who comes alive. Darwin refers to naturalist Charles Darwin and evolution theory.

Clyde – One of the trained chimpanzees on The Carol Burnett Show. Clyde means cloud warrior suggesting humor.

Crystal – A spider monkey who appeared in various films. Crystal means clearly representing her positive film roles.


What are some popular themes for unique monkey names?

Popular themes include mythological figures, exotic fruits, and famous explorers. These themes can inspire unique and memorable names for monkeys.

How can I choose a name that reflects my monkey’s personality?

Observe your monkey’s behavior and traits closely. Choose a name that reflects its energy level, favorite activities, or distinctive features.

Are there any cultural considerations when naming a monkey?

Some cultures view monkeys as sacred or symbolic animals. Research cultural meanings to avoid unintentionally offensive or inappropriate names.

What are some creative ways to come up with unique monkey names?

Combine words from different languages or use wordplay. Draw inspiration from literature, music, or your monkey’s country of origin.

Should I avoid certain types of names for my monkey?

Avoid overly human names or ones that are difficult to pronounce. Steer clear of potentially offensive terms or names that might confuse the monkey.

Are there any famous monkeys whose names I could use for inspiration?

Curious George, Abu from Aladdin, and Marcel from Friends are popular choices. These names can be used directly or as inspiration for similar-sounding unique names.

How important is it to give my monkey a unique name?

A unique name can help your monkey stand out and reflect its individuality. However, the most important factor is choosing a name you and your monkey are comfortable with.

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